Sunday, May 13, 2018

Richard Gutjahr interviews Lenny Pozner

"Online conspiracy theories began to get darker. Now they were starting to focus their attention on people who who were visable after a tragedy. People who were in the news.  People whose names were recognizable after a mass shooting. They started to dig into the lives of those people and research them online and track them down and start making blogs and videos with hate content". - Lenny Pozner

Lenny Pozner in a podcast, interviewed by Richard Gutjahr. If you are a reader of this blog, you know who Lenny is; however you may not know Gutjarh.   Richard Gutjahr is no stranger to conspiracy theory himself. He and his daughter became a target the hoaxers after the terrorist attacks in Nice and Munich. You can watch him explain  here:

In the podcast, Lenny goes on to explain how he initially reached out to the conspiracy theorists to try to help them understand that event. He also released his son's Death Certificate, Birth Certificate, Report Cards, "basically his whole life documented".

He soon realized hoaxers were not interested in facts.

This interview is full of great quotes and is very informative.  It's a look into conspiracy theory from two who were re-victimized by online hate-theorists after tragedy

How to Fight Conspiracy Theories - Richard Gutjahr and Lenny Pozner

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sandy Hook Parents sue Alex Jones for Defamation

Lenny Pozner has sues Alex Jones for defamation. 

*UPDATE* Full pdf complaints here:
Lenny Pozner, et al versus Alex Jones, et al

Neil Heslin versus Alex Jones, et al

Lenny Pozner, Veronique Dela Rosa, and Neil Heslin have filed suit against Alex Jones for his vicious attacks on them in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting!

Alex Jones is the father of "crisis actor hoaxing" people into believing mass shootings are fake or in some cases, false flags.  There has never been a single piece of real evidence that any civilian mass shooting has ever been faked; therefore, Alex Jones comments are also malicious.  He makes them to intentionally harm and spread false information.

Alex Jones makes money defaming the memory of
those slain during shooting rampages by pushing the hoax/false flag narratives can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that the real reason Alex Jones was crying was NOT the Syrian air strike, was likely because Lenny Pozner's law firm had just served Alex Jones with a demand letter, demanding Alex Jones retract his false statements!

Alex Jones' Malicious Lies
One major malicious lie Alex Jones tells is that Anderson Cooper's interview with Veronique was done in front of a "blue screen".  Alex Jones makes this claim, among others, to discredit the victims families and thus, spread doubt about the shooting itself.   Alex Jones goes so far as to claim expertise as proof that Veroniqe was using a blue screen. Alex Jones lies work and he hoaxers people into thinking Sandy Hook was a "FEMA drill" for gun control!  Alex Jones hoaxer lies are bread and butter gospel to the hoaxer!

In truth, Anderson Cooper has explained that he was in New York, about an hour away. After news broke, he went to Newtown and did the interview on location.  Obviously, setting up a blue screen would have been ridiculous.

This, and several other lies told by Alex Jones was covered  by Sandy Hook Facts in this video:

Alex Jones Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Debunked

Alex Jones tells his lies to cast doubt on the shooting and make people who lost their children look like liars!

Obviously, Texas, like most states, has a one year statute of limitations on defamation and Alex Jones has been telling his lies for years.
Alex Jones is Hoaxer Zero, as covered here:
Alex Jones Sandy Hook Hoax Founder - Hoaxer Zero

When Alex Jones went on Megyn Kelly's program, he reiterated his same lies as in the past, this arguably reset the statute of limitations!

We should have full details of the lawsuit soon.

Sandy Hook Facts debunked Alex Jones' Megyn Kelly interview in two videos:

Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Interview 
Alex Doubles Down on his lies

Alex Jones lied about Sandy Hook to Megyn Kelly

Sandy Hook Facts can finally reveal what really made Alex Jones cry!  He had just received notice of intent to sue!

Alex Jones debunked!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Sandy Hook Hoax Completely Debunked - Ten Comprehensive Proofs hoax is a complete fraud

"It's well past time people begin demanding Alex Jones, James Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, James Tracy, Maria Chang, Tony Mead, and the rest of the hoaxers explain the demonstrably false claims they push as true." 

 Sandy Hook Hoax has not only been debunked, it has been proven to be pushed with fraudulent intent. That is to say that in many cases, it can be demonstrated the the pushers of the information are knowingly pushing false information.    This article shows the top ten proofs the claim that "Sandy Hook was a hoax" is nothing but a fraud.

    One must first understand that there is not a single piece of court admissible evidence of hoax for any mass shooting in the USA, ever.  There has never been a single piece of evidence of hoax produced and there has never been a whistle blower. 

   In this article I will present the top ten proofs Sandy Hook hoax is not only completely debunked, the memes pushed are total fakery.

Proof 1: Misrepresenting and manipulating videos"Everyone must check in" & "Walking in Circles"

From Alex Jones to nearly every hoax video published, two videos are used to hook people into believing hoax. Both videos are knowingly and fraudulently represented by the Sandy Hook hoax leadership as they are aware the videos have long been debunked.

Gene Rosen's interview in the front the "Everyone Must Check-In" sign is core hoaxer lore. The hoaxers use it to suggest that the sign is proof of a drill on the morning of the shooting, directing the "participants" to check in before the shooting.

"Everyone must check" debunked as fraudulent
Everyone must check in" was debunked as fraudulent by CW Wade on March 24, 2014; a debunking that sent shock waves through the hoaxer community. Their tricks had been outted!  It was also when CW Wade really began to realize hoaxers were not simply misguided researchers; they are fakes intentionally falsifying their claims.

The trickery is obvious. The interview with Gene Rosen in front of the flashing sign was conducted days after the shooting; yet the hoaxers snip the video or push the photo to represent that the sign was there on the morning of the shooting, Friday. That is false. It was delivered to help control the press late Saturday or early Sunday.

The sign was not there Friday morning and had nothing to do with a "drill".  here is one photo from Friday morning. 

News Chopper footage clearly shows the sign is not present:

Walking in Circles

    Another popular hoax video concept that is used to trick people into believing hoax is the claim that  "Everyone was walking in circles" at the fire house.  Alex Jones uses a modified and even more fraudulent version of the claim; falsely stating the "kids are walking in circles".

   The fraud was exposed when it was proven the hoaxers looped the video, added "going in circles music", and photoshopped arrows.  A total fakery!

The hoaxer video "We need to talk about Sandy Hook" pushed the theory as true, despite the fact the Nazi supporter Peter Klein (aka Tyranny News Network) looped the video 18 times in the film, while claiming authenticity!

 Alex Jones directly lied about this in his Megyn Kelly interview.   Fraud on top of  fraud.

Proof 2: Misrepresenting and manipulating Photos

   Hoaxers are well known for knowingly using fraudulent photos to push their memes. Let's look at 3 instances hoaxers have been not only caught using fraudulent photos.  They still push the meme to this very day.

Christmas Trees
   In 2013, a very popular hoax was perpetrated by hoaxers when they claimed there were "exactly 26 Christmas Trees pre-staged at the fire house".  Articles pushing this falsity with this photo are still online today.

   This was one of Wolfgang Halbig's original questions his alleged "expertise" just could not answer, as shown on this article still online and without correction:

   In fact, Dr. Maria Hsa Chang, a real professor no less, still intentionally pushes this false meme on her blog, Fellowship of the Minds. Here is her post with the photoshopped and blurry Christmas Trees:

   Professor Maria Chang uses the intentionally photoshopped photo labeled with
 1-26 Christmas Trees to support her false claim.

   Sandy Hook Fire Department has sold Christmas Trees as a fund raiser for nearly two decades and there are dozens of news articles available online.  Last year was their 17th annual sale. This press release from Sandy Hook Fire shows that as December 8, 2017, 440 out of 800 trees had been sold.

In 2012, when the shooting occurred, there were dozens of Christmas trees around the fire department ready to be sold.

 Later, 26 were purchased by a donor and set up as a make shift memorial.   The hoaxer claim in demonstrably false.

Facts do not deter Tony Mead, as shown in this 2017 post.  Anything to hook the ignorant, no matter out outrageous and how easily debunked, is good enough for Sandy Hook Hoax:

Proof 3: Intentionally representing false information as fact

    Numerous claims by hoaxers are simply lies and fabrication.  It is fake information invented from whole cloth and pushed as facts designed to trick people into buying into hoax and opening their wallets.

   Alex Jones can be credited the wide spread posting of two key pieces of  false information: the false claim that "FBI Reports no murders at Sandy Hook" and false claim that  the "Wayback machine shows no internet activity at Sandy Hook School".

FBI Shows One Murders at Sandy Hook

    The first ridiculous hoaxer claim Alex Jones pushed hard was the meme that the FBI shows "no one died in 2012 in Sandy Hook".  That is Alex Jones' direct quote.  It is a false claim that takes the report out context.  Obviously, the FBI does not claim "No one died at Sandy Hook".  The statement by Alex Jones is a lie.

Here is the FBI Vault Page on Sandy Hook:

Alex Jones even brought Wolfgang Halbig on air to discuss it!  With all of that "expertise", they pushed false information by omitting relevant information.  When you intentionally omit relevant facts, you are being deceptive.  Falsity by omission of relevant fact.  Alex Jones is press and Wolfgang Halbig represents himself as a"expert"; therefore they should be able to conduct a reasonable investigation before presenting information to the public.   Instead, they weave tales.

The meme is pushed by intentionally misrepresenting the report as a whole.  

The most comprehensive Debunk on this is on Metabunk

I addressed it when debunking Alex Jones as a hoaxer here:

The Hoax is simple, grab one page of the FBI report and show that 0 murders are listed for Newtown.

Then completely disregard the rest of the information that the FBI and the state of Connecticut list in the reports. The state data clearly indicates the Newtown murder total does not include the "27 victims of Sandy Hook".

While the state data does include the 27 Sandy Hook victims:

Why? Because the State Police investigated the murder and that was how Connecticut listed it.

Wayback Machine

   Another favorite of Alex Jones is the false claim that the school was closed because the "Wayback Machine shows no internet activity".  James Fetzer invented this false claim and was debunked by me on May 7, 2014.  Jim Fetzer, in his book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" (written long after this was debunked) declares it to be the "most compelling evidence the school was closed".   Crisis Actors Guild covered that here:

   Alex Jones and Jim Fetzer are debunked in this video and have been debunked by many sources, including by me in this video:

Take the internet activity for one of the Sandy Hook School websites:
    Lie 1: "internet activity": First, they lie to their viewers and tell them that Wayback Machine shows there was no "internet activity from 2008-2012". You know that is a bold faced lie because Wayback Machine does not measure internet activity. It archives websites. 

   Lie 2:  Alex Jones and Jim Fetzer and the other hoaxers also omit the fact that the entire district one offline, by choice of their webmaster:

No Death Certificates

Hoaxers constantly contend Death Certificates are not available.  Fetzer states Death Certificates are not available at least three different times in "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook".  Fetzer is lying and he hoaxes many people with his lie.

The Death Certificates are available from Newtown Town Clerk and the State of Connecticut.  Three are available from Danbury County Clerk (because two were pronounced dead at Danbury Hospital and one was a resident of Danbury).

I have personally challenged Jim Fetzer, James Tracy, Wolfgang Halbig, Tony Mead AND EVERY HOAXER OUT THERE to order the death certificates and debunk my Death Certificate claims.  They refuse because they do not conduct reasonable investigation; they are only interested in lies.

Several Death Certificates are available online  Noah Pozner, Adam Lanza, and Nancy Lanza. Note the Lanza Birth records are also available at that link, debunking their claim "Adam Lanza never existed".   I have other Death Certificates in my possession as well, as shown in this video:

Victims not Listed In the SSDI

James Fetzer Professor Maria Change, and several other hoaxers actively push the lie that the Sandy Hook victims are not listed in the Social Security Death Index.  

The claim is a fabrication. The raw data of the Social Security Death Index has been checked Chang and Fetzer were debunked.

Here is one example from the raw data:

Proof 4: Hoaxers create fake documents

Friday, March 30, 2018

Justin Hess, Cobb County Georgia - Incompetent to Stand Trial

Cobb County Superior Court Judge Mary Clark has found Justin Hess incompetent to stand trial.    This is an initial finding. Justin will be sent to a Mental Hospital for treatment. If he is deemed competent to stand trial, he will be returned to the court.

Justin Hess was a well known Sandy Hook hoaxer Youtuber who needs to stand trial for murdering his own mother and an innocent school teacher.  Authorities were well aware of his mental illness and did nothing until he killed two people.

Here is the order of the court:

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

James Tracy's attorney Louis Leo IV cyberbullying Sandy Hook families

"Twenty first graders and six teachers were slaughtered at Sandy Hook elementary, and Louis Leo IV, as an officer of Florida courts, mocks them and targets their parents with cyberbullying."

We really need to talk about Louis Leo IV because he is out of control.

    Leo is waging a campaign of cyberbullying against Sandy Hook families.  The main target of his ire is Lenny Pozner.  Lenny's son Noah was shot and killed at Sandy Hook.    Leo went so far as to spam the SandyHookFacts facebook page challenging Lenny to "sue him" for defamation over Leo's disgusting comments.  Leo, in school yard bully fashion, vows to "waive service of process" and is willing to go "straight to deposition".

The Magic Deposition Theory

      Wolfgang Halbig began this "deposition" nonsense years ago when he invented what I'll call the "Magic Deposition Theory".   The tale Wolfgang has woven many times goes something like this:

If you give Wolfgang lots of money, he will get Sandy Hook residents in a deposition.  When they "raise their right hand", Wolfgang will, in heroic Tom Cruise vs. Jack Nicholson fashion, get a Sandy Hook parent to admit their child was fake/illusion/hoax/etc.  Don't laugh, because Wolfgang has pocketed about $200,000 with the Magic Deposition Theory.

Hoaxers really became desperate to depose Lenny Pozner when they thought they could film it;  undoubtedly so they can feed their Youtube conspiracy channels and rack up the monetized hits.

The magic deposition theory is just one of many whoppers of Wolfgang. Here is another

Louis Leo IV lashes out at the press after his court loss

Louis Leo IV and Wolfgang behind the scenes chatter

According to a source close to Leo, Louis Leo IV is in behind the scenes communication with Wolfgang Halbig.    That is really no surprise, but it could serve to show where Leo is getting some of the false claims he spreads.

Louis Leo, blocked by Lenny, continues his unwanted contacts

Lately, Leo has been targeting Sandy Hoo parent Lenny Pozner to such an extent, Lenny has had to block Leo on social media!

    Leo is apparently unwilling to accept being blocked so he decided he would press his trolling by pretending was Lenny.  In this way Leo could circumvent Lenny's blocks and use as a third party method to cyberbully and troll Sandy Hook families.

    Alternatively, Leo really did believe he had found another way to make unwanted contacts towards Lenny.  Either way, it is very unprofessional conduct for an attorney and, if found to be cyberstalking or harassment, is illegal in Florida.

CW Wade calls out Louis Leo IV for his cyber bullying

So who is Attorney Louis Leo IV?
Florida Bar Association profile

    Florida Attorney Louis Leo IV came to conspiracy theorist prominence as the attorney of James Tracy, the "terminated in disgrace" Florida Atlantic University professor.  Tracy was terminated by FAU when Tracy allowed his obsession with Sandy Hook conspiracy theory to interfere with his job duties and contractual agreements.  The extreme embarrassment Tracy's unsupported, irrational, illogical, conspiracy theories brought on the university certainly didn't win him any favors, either.

    Leo represented Tracy in a failed attempt win back Tracy's job.   The jury listened to weeks of evidence but only took a couple of hours to rule against the conspiracy theorist duo.
Now it seems Louis Leo IV just can't let the trial go!
He is targeting the obsession of his client.

Leo and Tracy all smiles after epic loss

  FAU lawyers state that, even with his job on the line, James Tracy was more focused on Lenny Pozner than doing his job!  You can watch the interview here:

   Now it appears Leo has developed the same problem as his client, an obsession with degrading and attacking Sandy Hook families with a special obsession for Lenny Pozner.

Louis Leo IV: Conduct very unbecoming

  Since the trial loss, Louis Leo IV has shed any facade of normalcy and has "come out of the closet" as unabashed full fledged wide-eyed Sandy Hook hoaxer.

    Twenty first graders and six teachers were slaughtered at Sandy Hook elementary, and Louis Leo IV, as an officer of Florida courts, mocks them and targets their parents with cyberbullying.

    Louis Leo IV's disgusting public commentary is harming families and degrades thousands, including children, parents, educators, and sworn professionals.  His post-trial conduct has brought great discredit to himself and the legal profession, indeed to the very Bar he represents and the court that recognizes him as an officer.

Is Louis Leo IV mentally unfit?

I think Louis Leo's post on his various social media feeds demonstrate a complete disconnect with reality. His level of paranoia is off the charts.  I doubt there is a single conspiracy theory he doesn't believe. If society was  protecting itself properly, he would be checked to see if he was mentally fit to own a firearm or drive a vehicle; let alone be allowed to represent clients as an attorney.

  How many extreme alt-right conspiracy theorist have to go off the deep end and start shooting before we take a good look at mental health? How long do we ignore social media posts?  Their social media posts are a key to their mental health, and it's time we take note.

Directly Defaming Sandy Hook Parents

In this post, Louis Leo posts memes that falsely accuse Sandy Hook parent David Wheeler of being a "Sandy Hook Hoax Actor" who played a "Fake Cop" or fake "FBI agent.  He challenges "Debunk this". Of course, the meme has already been debunked long ago; in fact, we even know the name of the FBI Special Agent in the photos.


Debunking Leo's memes with facts does nothing to stop his vicious online trolling and cyberbullying.  Nor do facts appear to guide him to rational, logical reasoning.

The video his meme advertises, "We need to talk about Sandy Hook" was written, in part, by racist self avowed card carrying nazi's, one of whom is on his way to prison for stabbing a man multiple times during a robbery.

The video has also been thoroughly debunked.

Conspiracy Theorists violence is rampant

  Society is in dark times of the conspiracy theorist. Gone are the days of innocent bigfoot watching or scouring the Zepruder film for "Black dog man"; these are the days of the alt-right hoaxer. Many are violent, antiAmerican, racist, terrorist supporting thugs who dream about going on rampages.  Sandy Hook hoaxers lead the charge of conspiracy theorist violence,  murdering peoplestabbing peoplethreatening to attack parents and children they consider "crisis actors"threatening Pastors who lost their children, and engaging in pedophilia.   The list of violence perpetrated by alt-right conspiracy theorists could go on for an entire blog unto itself.    It really is time we start looking at their mental health.  Many are advertising their beliefs and intent on social media. It's time to stop ignoring it.

Just plain evil and cruel
Screen shot of Louis Leo IV's school yard bully taunts.  This post was flagged by Facebook as spam.

The original challenge post from Leo's facebook is here:

Louis Leo IV's hoax, pretending he thinks Sandy Hook Facts is "Lenny".   Apprently, everyone is  Lenny to Louis Leo IV.  

Leo is obviously an experienced an online troll.  When I challenged Louis Leo IV to debunk my certified Death Certificates, he refused to address facts.  Instead, he threatened a "lulzsuit".  A "lulzsuit" is a method online trolls use to intimidate others from their free speech.   You will find most Sandy Hook hoaxers hate free speech almost as much as they hate families of murdered children.  

Leo's buddy Wolfgang Halbig has attempted to sue me before to chill my free speech.  Wolfgang  now owes me, counting interest, over $25,000. I doubt Leo wants to be next, but if he does, I stand ready to defend my First Amendment right.   It is laughable that Leo pretends to be a "free speech warrior" and then makes such threats.

Lets look at more of Leo's taunts and irrational online bullying.

Despite the fact he doesn't have a single court admissible piece of evidence of hoax, he makes absurd conclusions.   Leo certainly could not support his conclusory, illogical accusations within the "rules of evidence".

Leo also attacks the first responders. Here Leo references the false and debunked claim of Wolfgang Halbig that "no EMT's or Paramedics" were allowed into Sandy Hook.  

The First Responders have sworn statements in the Final Report; yet, without a bit of real evidence,  Leo makes are direct accusations of crimes:

An even more disgusting false claim by Leo:

False, defamatory, illogical

Leo's post above contains the categorically false claim that "no bodies were rushed out".  Leo, in plain language is lying; he is hoaxing his thousands of followers with false information.

 The Sandy Hook Final Report discusses in detail the wounded who were rushed to Danbury Hospital. Two six year old children, that Leo appears to mock incessantly, succumbed to their gunshot wounds after being "rushed out for dispatch".  SandyHookFacts has researched and presented this issue in detail, including showing one such wounded child being carried out of the school, as captured and documented in the report and verified with two separate independent sources, Police Dash Cam and Press photos.  You can watch it here:

Sandy Hook, The Deadliest Minute: Fallen Angel

Leo has no interest in facts, only in intentionally spreading his false information to hurt, bully, and harm. He dismisses any information that does not fit within his narrative.

As shown here:

Undebunkable proof of Death has been provided:

Leo cannot debunk real facts and analysis. He is not a real seeker of truth or facts. But he is a online troll and bully spreading hurtful, horrible, and false commentary.

If you would like to file a complaint with the Florida Bar Association, the form is here:

If you can stand more analysis of Leo's bullying, keep reading.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Robert Ussery Side Thorn ARRESTED - Truther Arrested for THREATS TO VICTIM

Robert Ussery aka Side Thorn and Jodie Mann aka Conspiracy Granny have been arrested for threatening the pastor of the Pastor of the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church!   Reportedly, he also threatened deputies on scene and resisted arrest!

Raging Truther Threatens Pastor of Sutherland Springs Baptist Church!
*Caught on Film by a News Crew*

We await the release of this extraordinary footage!

Note: This information is breaking. I will update this blog post as I get information.

Sandy Hook Facts was the first to report Robert Ussery has been finally arrested!

3/6/18: PM Update - Robert Ussery and Jodie Mann have bonded out. All affected parties are advised to use all due caution.  

3/6/18 Update and Correction:  As of 5:00 am, Ussery is facing charges of Resist Arrest, Transport?, Criminal Trespass, Terroristic Threats, Possession of Marijuana

Jodi Mann is charged with Resist Arrest, Transport? Criminal Trespass

There are no charges related to carrying a firearm. Since that information comes from a resident with knowledge of the incident so I will leave it as it is for now. It is very likely that if Ussery was armed, it was, legal in Texas.

3/6/18 Update and correction: According to a viewer, the Texas Rangers are claiming there was no firearm found. This information apparently stemmed from the fact the FBI and BATF are involved in someway.

3/5/18 Update! Multiple charges! 
I have received word that there were possibly six charges, including terroristic threats,  and resisting arrest!

File photo from Prior Arrest
I spoke with the Wilson County Sheriff's Department and they could not provide details because he had just been booked, recommending I call back on Tuesday. Online inmate information confirms they are both currently in custody.

A resident reports that Robert Ussery and Jodie Mann were at the Baptist Church when Ussery began threatening the Pastor and on scene deputies.

Robert Ussery  reportedly threatened to hang the pastor!
Robert Ussery, in the past, has threatened to hang Sandy Hook Facts!

Robert Ussery is closely affiliated with and supported by Sandy Hook Hoax group. Just like Hoax group, he is a rabid "auto hoaxer" that declares nearly every high profile shooting a "hoax" perpetrated by the government to take "their guns".  The irony, of course, is that they make the argument that the government needs to take their guns. The Sandy Hook Hoaxer prove themselves to be quite unstable, repeatedly.

Robert Ussery has also been Promoted by Alex Jones. Here is a screen capture of Infowars "reporter" Owen Shroyer recommending Side Thorn.

The flyer that Alex Jones' Infowars is promoting is Side Thorn's fake over of $100,000 if you "prove one death".

Sandy Hook Facts was first to claim the reward, providing Side Thorn with every document he requested.  Lenny Pozner claimed the reward.  At least two other families have attempted to claim the reward.  All have been met with the same threats and vitriol.  Here is Side Thorns threat to murder me, in response to my claiming of the reward.

Side Thorn reward claimed blogs:

Credit for the news tip goes to Michael Rezneki.  Check out his channel on Youtube! Michael Rezneki Trolling For Truth -

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Jim Fetzer's hoax on hoaxers cost James Tracy his FAU Career

When James Tracy didn't divulge he "co-authored" Fetzer's for profit book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook", FAU had sufficient cause to terminate.
It is ironic that Jim Fetzer is, once again, at the heart of taking down a "truther".

As was widely reported in mainstream press, James Tracy lost his bid to pretend he was fired over free speech. 

The jury found that James Tracy was fired over insubordination.

What James Tracy has been hiding from his followers is that it was Jim Fetzer that cost him his job!

Those of us who know hoaxers like James Tracy know how vile they are, so frankly, I think FAU simply didn't want him around.  Who would? He should have been terminated because he should not be allowed to spread his filth as "education".  Nonetheless, when Tracy gave FAU legal cause to terminate (Tracy refused to comply with his contractual agreement), they jumped on the chance to give him the boot!  

At this time, Tracy is seeking to overturn the jury verdict. His Sandy Hook  hoaxer attorney Louis Leo filed motions begging the judge to disregard the jury and rule for James Tracy because the jury "ignored" the evidence.

It was shown at trial the FAU was considering terminating Tracy before the Sun Sentinel article about Tracy's attacks on the Pozner family.  

 At trial, FAU proved Tracy  was fired for his rank insubordination because Tracy omitted material facts in disclosures Tracy was contractually obligated to file.

This big nail in the Tracy's career coffin? 

James Tracy refused to divulge the fact he authored Memory Hole Blog and co-authored Fetzer's "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" book.  

Here is the relevant page from FAU's response. FAU specifically notes he was given an extension to December 14, 2015 to file his disclosures.  When Tracy did file the disclosures, he omitted his authorship of "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook".

Jim Fetzer went around collecting debunked articles to assimilate into a "book" co-authored by numerous "professors and scholars".   Fetzer then pocketed the cash for himself, laughing all the way to the bank.   Jim Fetzer's hoax on the hoaxers, pretending a bunch of "scholars got together and co-wrote a book" cost James Tracy his job!  

When James Tracy didn't divulge he "co-authored" the for profit book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook", FAU had sufficient cause to terminate.

FAU is currently seeking costs, seeking over $43,000 in costs including "$69.96" for purchasing copies of "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook".

Jim Fetzer's book has not only been debunked, but it has been proven to fraudulently edited and filled with intentional disinformation.